Introduction And Comparison Of Mobile Phone Case Materials

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Introduction And Comparison Of Mobile Phone Case Materials

Today, Haiditrade will explain the three common materials of silicone, TPU, and PC through various mobile phone cases. What is silicone, TPU, PC, transparency, flexibility, and wear resistance.

What is silicone, TPU, PC

1. Silicone

Silica gel is a highly active adsorbent material, which is an amorphous substance. Its chemical formula is mSiO2 · nH2O; it does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. It is insoluble in water and any solvents. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and chemical. Stable nature.

Advantages: easy to use, dustproof, anti-fingerprint, easy to handle; soft and hard, the mobile phone silicone sleeve will have a certain degree of softness to protect the mobile phone; there are many types of mobile phone silicone sleeves, with many different specifications of patterns, you can Regularly replace different mobile phone silicone sleeves to enrich life. waterproof.


TPU material transparent mobile phone case

Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber (TPU). It is mainly divided into polyester type and polyether type. It is widely used in daily necessities, sports goods, toys, decorative materials and other fields. Halogen-free flame retardant TPU can also replace soft PVC to meet environmental protection in more and more fields. Claim.

Advantages: Wide hardness range, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, transparent, good elasticity,

Disadvantages: easy to change, easy to turn yellow.



PC is the abbreviation of polycarbonate, or PC engineering plastic for short. PC material is actually one of what we call engineering plastic. As a material widely used worldwide, PC has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. An amorphous thermoplastic resin with excellent comprehensive performance can see the shadow of PC plastic in every corner of your life. The large-scale industrial production and easy processing characteristics also make it extremely cheap.

Advantages: excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, dimensional stability and chemical resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance, but also self-extinguishing, flame retardant, non-toxic, colorable and other advantages, low price .

Disadvantages: not resistant to scratches, strong acids, strong alkalis, UV

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